Words & Pictures by Jeannie DeSena: Blog https://www.jeanniedesena.com/blog en-us (C) Words & Pictures by Jeannie DeSena (Words & Pictures by Jeannie DeSena) Wed, 17 Feb 2021 20:24:00 GMT Wed, 17 Feb 2021 20:24:00 GMT https://www.jeanniedesena.com/img/s/v-12/u447490433-o368930125-50.jpg Words & Pictures by Jeannie DeSena: Blog https://www.jeanniedesena.com/blog 80 120 Small-town senior portrait session on a sunny fall day https://www.jeanniedesena.com/blog/2018/2/small-town-senior-portrait-session-on-a-sunny-fall-day When Kayla and I strolled through downtown Davidson during her senior portrait session, the textures of brick and leaves made a lovely backdrop. And even more than the angled shafts of light that I find so irresistible on autumn afternoons, Kayla brought the sunshine with her dazzling smile and playfulness in front of the camera. (When she wore her yellow off-the-shoulder top with those cascading sleeves, she upped the brilliance even more!)

Kayla has charmed the Carolinas with her friendly demeanor after relocating with her family from Arizona midway through high school. She was enthusiastic about my suggestions for her session during our planning meeting, and she and her mom contributed their own ideas that got me excited as well. That kind of collaboration fuels the creative process and helps me give each senior a custom experience. Kayla knew she wanted to end her session with sunset on Lake Norman, so we timed our travels just right to deliver on that final setup for her magical day in the spotlight. Good communication before the session + fun locations + a stunning senior in her element = a beautiful set of images and happy senior memories.

An interesting aside: the last few times I photographed a senior at sunset, the beautiful colors in the sky happened to match the tones of the senior's outfit. Not a Photoshop trick -- just the truth!

A lovely teen girl sits on a brick walkway and smiles directly at the camera. Kayla, high school senior, in Davidson, North CarolinaI captured this image of Kayla on a brick sidewalk in downtown Davidson, NC. Can you believe her gorgeous eyes and eyelashes? Her ribbed turtleneck and jeans were perfectly cozy on this autumn afternoon. Kayla puts her hands in the pockets of her army-green jacket and smiles for the camera, dimples on display. Kayla has dimples!The columns outside the Wells Fargo bank building on the main street in Davidson, North Carolina, just across from Davidson College, provided a luminous backdrop and support for Kayla to lean against during her senior portrait session. Kayla's hair fans around her face and shoulders as she looks up at the camera while lying on the ground. Her yellow, off-the-shoulder top provides a pop of color.A fan of blond hairKayla stretched out on the ground hoping to be surrounded by colorful fall leaves, but there were not many to be found! She still rocked this shot, however. Kayla stands with the tips of her braids in her hands, and her yellow bell sleeves flow around her hands. Braids, jeans and sunshineThis high-school senior girl, a student at Christ the King Catholic High School in Huntersville, North Carolina, glows with the backlighting of the sun on a warm autumn afternoon. Davidson, North Carolina, served as the small-town USA setting for the first part of Kayla's session. She stands with her back to a brick wall, hands outstretched, with the flag above her.Proud to be an American!The American flag attached to the painted brick wall of this business across the railroad tracks in Davidson, North Carolina, adds a touch of patriotism to Kayla's senior portraits. Kayla wears a brown maxi dress as she sits on a quilt on the lakeshore while the sun sets behind her. Sunset over Lake NormanKayla sits on the lakeshore of Lake Norman in Cornelius, North Carolina, at a private location as the sun sets on her senior portrait experience. Kayla loves the lake and wanted her senior portraits to include that beautiful body of water, Lake Norman.Glowing beautyKayla stands on the dock in the afterglow of sunset, and the warm tones in the sky coordinate with those of her brown maxi dress. She moved from the stark desert landscape of Arizona to North Carolina during high school.



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