Words & Pictures by Jeannie DeSena | MED & senior dancers Class of 2018

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2007 Raleigh feis - little Madeleine2009 parade - Elizabeth, Madeleine, Olivia2009 DeSena dancers Grace (blue), Olivia (rainbow), Madeleine (kneeling), William2011 Madeleine and Chloe at first calendar shoot - RNE class feis2011 Oireachtas girls2011 Orlando Oireachtas mixed 8hand champsDeSena dancers at Olivia's last feis, 2012 Walsh Kelley2012 girls 8handhair and makeup before 2013 Boston Worlds 8hand2013 Boston Worlds before teams2013 Boston Worlds team on stage2013 Oireachtas between rounds - Madeleine, Pam, Chloe2014 London Worlds mixed 8handMadeleine and her sister Grace in London for WorldsChloe, Madeleine, Bridget (2014 Savannah feis in Rock Hill)U15 girls at 2015 Oireachtas (includes graduating seniors Brianna, Bridget, Chloe, Madeleine)Tyber Creek pub 2016 - Hannah, Madeleine, Olivia, Elizabeth2016 parade (includes Brianna, Bridget, Madeleine, Chloe)