About Jeannie

Hello there! Do you have a photograph of yourself that makes you say, "That's me! This captures just who I am. And I like what I see"? I hope you do, but if you don't, let's talk. I want to present you in your best light.

My clients have called me genuine. Patient. An artist. Sometimes moms get teary because they love my images of their children so much. Or they can't stop saying "wow." I get excited by what I see through my lens. You and yours -- looking wonderful and showing just what makes you, you.

Maybe you don't think you look good in portraits, or you're self-conscious would rather take the pictures than be in them. Let me show you how I see you. Photography has taught me that every human being shines with an innate beauty and a desire to be accepted and seen -- even the more camera-shy among us.

I'm a wife, a mom, a writer and a photographer. A friendly introvert. A bit of a dreamer. I have to have a project going at all times, and I cherish memories and beauty. I would never be accused of moving the fastest in any group, but put a camera in my hand, and I am guaranteed to dawdle. When the flowers are blooming, don't wait for me. Is it possible to have too many pictures of hydrangeas or lavender? I doubt it!

Photo courtesies include:
Carolyn Ann Ryan Photography
Zoe Litaker Photography
Yandle Multimedia Photography